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access_time July 14, 2014 at 7:49 AM in Features by Robert Craciun

Expect The Destiny Beta to Go Wrong

bungie_destiny_2There are three more days before the long-awaited Destiny Beta session will be launched, but people must not forget what this session represents and should expect it to fail.

Yes, the beta will be huge and it will contain multiple story chapters, competitive multiplayer maps and a whole lot of the world to explore. But people often forget what a beta session represents and they just as often mistake it for a demo, but not on purpose. Sometimes, when a game of this magnitude releases a beta version to be tested by the players (key-word: “tested”), people forget that things are meant to go wrong, like game crashes, freezes, bugs and server overloads and because of the mega-hype that’s created prior to its release, players tend to get angry, upset and disappointed leading to frustration, and in some cases, bashing and raging on the internet (we all know some guy who does this). And this may really hurt the game’s image, launch and its sales, even if the reviews are great.

I’ve heard a few of my friends saying that they’ll pre-order the game, get the beta, and then cancel their pre-orders, just to see how the game feels and if it’s worth a buy. Well, not to mention that this is pretty unorthodox and a foul thing to do, they may even get the wrong ideas and jump to conclusions. It may feel like total crap, because it’s a beta (although, from what I’ve seen in the alpha version, it totally won’t), but don’t get the wrong idea, this is NOT A DEMO. Yes, of course it’s a natural thing to draw some minor conclusions from this test, but they should not be final and the game itself should not be seen as a final, working title. A beta version is meant to played with an open mind, and while most of the players that take part in such sessions do it just to get a taste of the game prior to its release, they should at least be aware that it’s all just a test. You may think that this is all common knowledge, but trust me, I’ve seen a lot of folks rambling about failed beta tests who swore never to put their hands on that particular game.

To quote Bungie, “This isn’t some circus stunt. This is science – and you’re the lab rat.” So as long as you keep in mind that you’re here to be carried experiments on and help Bungie fix whatever is wrong with the game and that you’ll expect the worst to happen, no matter whether you’re playing on last-gen or current-gen platforms, you’re good to go. If you think this will all go perfectly well and you’ll have several days of casually enjoying the game with no problems and interruptions at all, you’re in for a surprise.


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