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Let’s Play: Concursion (Episode/part 1)

by on July 11, 2014

I’ve decided to record and post the footage of me playing through Concursion as I advance through the game. Once I have beaten it, I will be posting a review, which I will likely link in the video posts, for those interested.

For those wondering about Sniper Elite, I promise that I haven’t forgotten or abandoned it. I will continue it when I can.

Before we begin, two things should be noted. 1. I’m starting on Hardcore mode, the hardest available difficulty (at least from the start, no idea if a harder one will unlock) for the game. 2. I’m doing a completely blind run. With these two things in mind, it should probably be expected that I’ll die quite a bit to both enemies and environmental effects.

Here’s the silent version of the first video. I will upload the version with voice/commentary and edit this post when it is done.

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