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Hand of Fate currently available on Steam Early Access

hand of fateToday Defiant Development’s Kickstarter-funded title, Hand of Fate, arrived on Steam Early Access. This title is a hybrid of CCG (collectible card game) and ARPG (action role-playing game) in which you collect equipment, items, artifacts, and even enemies as collectible cards in-game.

Once you have a collection, you get to play your deck. This launches a 3D world in which you must make some difficult decisions. Be wary, however, as sometimes your choices may have unexpected consequences and you’ll be forced to defeat your foes utilizing a third person action-adventure combat system. The good news is: The more  bosses you are able to defeat, the more cards you will gain for your collection.

Don’t just run in blindly, however. Hand of Fate utilizes rogue-like elements, such as procedurally generated levels. In addition, if you die before defeating a boss, you will be forced to restart from the beginning of that stage in the next play through (so you can rest assured that there is no true permadeath/you will lose your entire collection upon death).

Morgan Jaffit, Director over at Defiant Development, explains, “Hand of Fate combines the furious fast-paced action of button mashers with fantasy and role-playing elements that anyone who has ever picked up a 20 sided die will recognize. Anyone who falls in the cross section of PC gamer and board or card game enthusiast will have more fun playing Hand of Fate than a Game of Thrones fan reading the manuscripts of the two unreleased books.”

If this sounds like something you can’t wait for, you can pick it up via Early Access for a discounted price of $25 (on PC, Mac, and Linux). The game’s final release is currently planned for Q4.


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