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access_time July 8, 2014 at 3:33 AM in News by Robert Craciun

Destiny Has Three Collector’s Editions

Prepare your wallets, everyone! Destiny will be available in three different special editions, to the taste of everyone’s budget and preferences. Here they are, below:

First, there’s the Ghost Edition ($149.99):

  • Guardian Folio:
    • Arms & Armament Field Guide
    • Postcards from the Golden Age
    • Antique Star Chart
  • Collector’s Edition Digital Content Pack
    • Unique Ghost Casing
    • Exclusive Player Emblem
    • Exclusive Player Ship Variant
  • The $34.99 Destiny Expansion Pass, which expands the Destiny adventure post-launch with Expansion 1: The Dark Below and Expansion 2: House of Wolves(which will cost $19.99 individually)
    • PlayStation platforms will also include additional exclusive content for Expansion 1 and 2 and will remain exclusive until at least fall of 2015
  • A letter of introduction
  • Golden Age Relics
  • A life-sized Ghost replica with motion-activated lights and Peter Dinklage’s voice

Then, there’s the Limited Edition ($99.99) which includes the same things as in the Ghost Edition above, except for the Ghost replica, the letter of introduction and the golden age relics.

And finally, for those of you who prefer the digital version of the game, comes the Digital Guardian Edition ($89.99) which includes a digital download of the game, early access to Vanguard armory and player emblem pre-order bonuses, a reservation for upcoming Destiny expansions “The Dark Below” and “House of Wolves” (each of which includes new Story missions, cooperative and competitive multiplayer arenas, and a “wealth” of new weapons, armor, and gear), and the aforementioned Collector’s Edition Digital Content.

So there you have it. If you prefer digital content, go for the Digital Guardian Edition. If you physical assets, but don’t have the cash, go for the Limited Edition. And if you just got your payroll and could skip that night out with your friends, go for the Ghost Edition. You can find all three of them on Amazon.


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