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Sony interested in buying Crytek (Rumour)

by on July 5, 2014
CryEngine 3 will support PlayStation 4.

Sony interested in buying Crytek (Rumour)

Infamous industry insider Tidux has just revealed some pretty interesting information regarding Crytek. If you read our news yesterday, you should be aware that Crytek allegedly has a big financial problem that could result in the company’s bankruptcy.

It appears that Sony is looking to expand their existing studios, and they are currently reviewing Crytek to see if there’s any profit in acquiring them. Tidux has made himself a reputation of always being right, so why not trust him on this matter too?

Crytek being bought by Sony could be a really good thing for both companies, but it could  also shake Microsoft‘s future in terms of exclusive due to the fact that Ryse (the Xbox One exclusive title) was developed by Crytek.

Source: WorldsFactory

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