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PlayStation Plus battles: NA vs. EU (7-3-14)

North American PS+ members get Muramasa: Rebirth while EU members get LEGO Batman 2.

North American PS+ members get Muramasa: Rebirth while EU members get LEGO Batman 2.

The two regions step back into the boxing ring, having run into a tie in June, with North America winning two rounds and the EU winning two. Both combatants are determined to not let this month become a repeat, aiming to take the boxing victory of the month for themselves.

The EU, having won the final week of June, starts things off. It rushes in and delivers a jab to North America’s gut with TowerFall Ascension (PS4, free), followed by a quick uppercut as NA doubles over thanks to Strider (PS4, free). North America staggers backwards, but the EU doesn’t let up, dashing in and unleashing a one-two combination in North America’s face with Dead Space 3 and Vessel (both PS3, free).

The EU jabs NA twice in the face with LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes and Doki Doki Universe (former: Vita, free. Latter: cross-buy: PS4/PS3, Vita, free) before finishing the assault with two more blows to NA’s gut in the form of Guacamelee! Championship Edition and the Championship Edition Upgrade (both 10% off for Plus members). The full EU update can be found here.

As the referee reaches the eight count, NA manages to get back to its feet, wiping a bit of blood from its lips. The EU is somewhat surprised that NA managed to withstand the assault, allowing NA the opening to dash in and jab the EU in the face twice with Doki Doki Universe and Muramasa: Rebirth (former: cross-buy: PS4/PS3/Vita, free, latter: Vita, free).

North America proceeds to almost mock the EU, following up with the same attacks that they had just been on the receiving end of, thanks to TowerFall Ascension (PS4, free), Strider (PS4, free), Dead Space 3 (PS3, free), and Vessel (PS3, free). After mimicking the EU’s initial assault, North America proceeds to unleash a powerful barrage of blows with a total of twenty items on sale, including the Warthunder starter pack (exclusive to PS+), Destiny of Spirits: Destiny Orbs 35 (free for Plus, $2.99 for others), XCOM: Enemy Within (Regular: $39.99, Sale: $27.99, PS+: $14.00), and Thief for both PS3 and PS4 (regular both: $59.99, sale both: $29.99, PS+ both: $26.99). The full NA update can be found here.

North America’s barrage knocks the EU down for the ten count, granting them the first victory of the month. Because both regions used up their allotment of free games for the month, it’s anybody’s guess as to who will come out on top at the end. Do you have any bets?


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