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New Watch Dogs content is live

watch dogs

Recently Ubisoft revealed new single player content for their open world action game, Watch Dogs. This content is currently live on all platforms and includes three new missions, new weapons, and new perks and bonuses.

The first mission is The Palace. A police raid is planned on an Internet mogul’s luxury palace, whose databanks have intimate details on thousands of people, including Dedsec and you. Your mission is to break inside, wipe the hard drive, escape before the raid begins, and silence the mogul once and for all.

Next up is, the Signature Shot mission. In this mission a biometrics weapon has been smuggled into Chicago. This weapon only works with the very first person to imprint his palm on the handle. It’s up to you to break into the stronghold, steal the package, and imprint your hand onto the weapon.

The final mission is known as Breakthrough. In this mission a secret gathering between the Chicago South Club and corporate CEOs is occurring, and the Club has hired scramblers to stop surveillance devices. You’re to take out the scramblers and then wipe out everybody in the meeting.

To assist you in these missions you will have two new weapons. These are the Biometric Rifle (acquired during the Signature Shot mission) and the Auto-6 pistol. The former excels at long range, but retains a high rate of fire. The latter is a burst fire pistol that deals a significant amount of damage to enemies.

There are quite a few perks and bonuses (as well as outfit additions) released with this new DLC as well, such as a Dedsec Battery Boost (which adds additional phone battery), the South Chicago outfit, and a Blume Weapon Boost (permits faster reloading and less recoil for all weapons).

Ubisoft wants to ensure that players know that those who purchased the Season Pass had received access to the content a week prior to the release dates. It is currently live for $6.99 if you lack the pass (which can be purchased for $19.99).


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