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DICE discusses tweaks planned for Battlefield: Hardline


DICE has updated the official Battlefield blog to discuss the beta for Battlefield: Hardline, which ended its beta phase late last month

According to Thad Sasser, Lead Multiplayer Designer for the game, the team received a ton of feedback about what sorts of things players want to see changed or tweaked in the game.

Sasser said that player speed has been increased by 10% since many complained that the game felt a little sluggish, while players can get an additional 10% bonus for running with your pistol.

Suppression has also been updated so that aimpoint is not affected anymore, only situational awareness. The Survivalist gadget will also now revive you at 1 health and auto-inject after 5 seconds.

Here are some additional changes as per DICE:

  • The camera shake has been toned down during the crane crash in the High Tension map.
  • Stairs in High Tension will no longer pull players into the wall.
  • Objectives will be easier to spot, whether above or below your position.
  • More special drivable vehicles will be added such as the Fuel Truck and the addition of a handbrake for cars.
  • There will likely be the ability to nudge vehicles with a melee attacked if they get stuck.
  • Weak spots have been added to the rear of heavily armored vehicles to make them easier to be destroyed.
  • Finally, an icon will be added to the list of teammates inside a vehicle so you know who has the bag.



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