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GTA Online receives special Independence Day update

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Today’s new update, called the Independence Day Special, includes two new vehicles; the Sovereign motorcycle and the super-sized and extremely tough Liberator monster truck. If you love driving over vehicles, the latter is definitely the one you want.

The update also includes several new additions, such as the brand new Firework Rocket Launcher and seven brand new properties. These properties include locations in Paleto Bay and even Vinewood Hills.

You can also now place and set off fireworks to celebrate the upcoming holiday, thanks to an update to the game’s Interaction Menu. You can purchase 4 different types from any Ammu-Nation shop and access them in your inventory. For more customization, you can utilize up to 12 different varieties of fireworks (with different fuse lengths) in order to create your own unique firework show.

If you prefer to go on amusement rides, then you can head on down to Pleasure Pier and hop on either the Ferris Whale or the Leviathan Roller Coaster.

Finally the update features several goodies to change your look in-game. These include a “Made in the U.S.A.” shirt, a “backwoods mullet”, and even an eagle animal mask.

If you’re more interested in game fixes, however, then you shouldn’t feel left out. This new update prevents your Mental State from increasing when killing hostile mercenaries, as well as reduces the rate for killing cops that are chasing you.

In addition, you will no longer receive an increase to your Mental State if you kill a player who has a Bounty on their head. If you have a Bounty on yours and defend yourself, your State won’t increase.



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