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GGR 737 Super Smash Brothers U & Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeros

by on June 29, 2014


Listen up videogamers… it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! Nintendo fans are all psyched for Super Smash Brothers U the character line up is awesome.. and yes…PacMan is a playable character! He’s got an incredible smash attack! Little Mac, the Wii fit lady…and your Mii can also battle.. Super Smash Bros U hits this holiday… …(snake stuff)if

You waited to play Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeros.. you can now get a used copy for less than 20 bucks. It’s classic Metal Gear stealth action.. it’s a 2-3 hour teaser game for the full Metal Gear 5 that they’re still working on. Metal gear Solid fans..you’ll love Ground Zeros.. find a used copy! I’m Steve Masters for GotGame.

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