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TERA: Rising enters the Wounded World on July 8

New Tera content goes live on July 8.

New Tera content goes live on July 8.

Recently En Masse Entertainment, a player-driven publisher that is focused on delivering fun and innovative online games, announced that they are adding in all-new dungeons with new game modes, epic bosses, and elite gear to their MMO, TERA: Rising.

This update, called the “Wounded World” update, is set to launch on July 8 and will allow you to join four vast new worlds. Players will be introduced to a variety of deadly scenarios, such as the Abscess, which is a home of deadly unworldly creatures. As you explore the new dungeons, you will be forced to navigate dangerous paths and have the chance to pick up unique accessories.
The developers have provided us with the following content overview to share with interested gamers:
Lakan’s Prison

·         Type: 3-Player Prison Protection

·         Key Features: Fight your way through waves of enemies and a fatal boss in order to put a stop to Risalke’s plan to free the deadly prisoner, Lakan.

·         Description: Hidden in the Great Rift since before the Age of Mortals lies a secret prison, built for one inmate: the reptilian god, Lakan. But now an ambitious sorceress is about to stage the world’s most dangerous prison break.


·         Type: 1-Player Rescue Mission

·         Key Features: Defeat the creatures of the ghilliedhus’ primal forest. Rescue Banyakas’s ward spirits— or be forced to battle them later. Win Deathstain items, molten tokens, and more.

·         Description: A patriarch has been driven to madness by a primeval monolith. As he and his people begin to unravel, mortals everywhere must beware the dire consequences.

The Abscess

·         Type: 7-Player Surgical Strike

·         Key Features: Cut and burn your way through the bizarre creatures erupting from the Abscess, and the mutated bosses that lead them.

·         Description: The Great Rift is a wound in the world—and part of it has become infected. Seek the source, and burn it out…before it spreads!


Rift’s Edge

·         Type: 10-Player Big Boss BAM Slam

·         Key Features: Join the explorer, Vandraul, as he recruits adventurers to help secure the near-mythical Floating Stone, from the clutches of the gargantuan beetle-beast Koleogg.

·         Description: Battle along one of two paths, through the path of hostile villagers and sentries or a succession of BAMs, to reach the insidious Yativio corpse-flower, the giant hornet Vesporax, the dreaded Koleogg, and finally the fabled Floating Stone.


Do these new worlds, bosses, accessories, and game modes entice you into giving the game a shot (or if you were a player considering leaving, into sticking around a bit longer)?


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