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Sniper Elite 3 arrives on PS3 and PS4 Tuesday

If things get too hot, use the new relocate mechanic to break away from the action.

If things get too hot, use the new relocate mechanic to break away from the action.

The third entry in the Sniper Elite franchise arrives on PlayStation systems this Tuesday. The developers claim to have taken in all criticism from Sniper Elite V2 and utilized it to make the third game much better.

Said the developers, “We know a lot of fans were frustrated that stealth was really hard in Sniper Elite V2 – it was very easy to get detected, and very hard to know if the enemy could see you or not. That’s all changed in Sniper Elite 3 – you really can go loud or be quiet as you choose.”

In addition to improving the stealth aspect of the game, they’ve added in a “Relocate” mechanic just in case you need to get away from some heat and relocate to a save place. After all, “every sniper needs an exit plan,” as the devs put it, and this mechanic aims to help provide such a plan.

The human kill-cam has been improved with more detail showing off an additional muscle layer as well as the circulatory system, really showing off the damage that your bullets can inflict. In addition, they’ve decided to add on a Vehicle X-Ray Takedown Cam, allowing you to witness what occurs when you fire into a vehicle’s engine or petrol tank.

All of these improvements plus a new co-op mode are to be found in Sniper Elite 3 when it arrives in stores, but are they enough to draw your interest in the title?

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