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access_time June 24, 2014 at 3:15 PM in Culture by Charlie Grammer

New IGDA survey indicates that percentage of women in gaming industry has doubled since 2009

IGDA survey indicates that most in the gaming industry plan to work there until retirement.

IGDA survey indicates that most in the gaming industry plan to work there until retirement.

According to the most recent survey conducted by the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) of more than 2,200 developers, the percentage of women in the gaming workforce has nearly doubled since 2009. In addition, even though most of those in the industry love their jobs and are in a career that is their passion, both crunch time and the desire to have more work/life balance still exists. Some of the survey’s key findings can be found below:

·         Men still dominate the industry: 76% of respondents identified as male; 22% identified as female.  The other 2% listed themselves as male-to-female transgender, male-to female transgender or “other.”   This represents a significant change from 2009, when women made up 11.5% of the industry. (The prior IGDA survey tracked only male and female gender identification)
·         Nearly 50% of all members of the developer work force earn less than $50,000 annually.   34% earn between $50 and $100,000. At the other end of the spectrum, 19% earn more than $100,000.

Employment Experience

·         The average survey respondent has worked in the game industry for nine years; has worked on 16 distinct projects and had an average of four employers in the last five years.
·         The primary reason for working in the industry is “to earn a living doing what I enjoy” (41%) and 61% plan to work indefinitely in the field. That said, the top reason for wanting to leave the industry is “I want a better quality of life.” (39%)

Work/Life Issues

·         Similar to the findings in the 2009 survey, respondents say they feel they need to work more hours than are specifically required or expected.  53% responded either “disagree” or “strongly disagree” to the notion that crunch is a necessary part of game development.
·         While crunch exists, 37% of respondents indicated that they receive no compensation for that extra time.

What are your opinions on the IGDA’s findings this year?


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