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Sniper Elite III Has a 10 GB Day One Update on Xbox One

Sniper Elite III Has a 10 GB Day One Update on Xbox One

Sniper Elite III hasn’t been released yet, but it already requires a 10GB day one patch if you buy the retail version for the Xbox One! A small part of the update contains a compatibility pack for the forthcoming DLC, while the rest of it is dedicated to syncing data between retail discs and the Xbox Live digital version of the game.

Also, the day one patch brings some “improvements and optimisations” to the game and downgrades the mandatory install from 21GB to 19GB. Sniper Elite III‘s developer, Rebellion, had to say the following about this massive patch for the Xbox Oneversion of the game:

“The main part of the update is to sync data between the game’s retail discs and the Xbox Live digital download edition of the game. In the several weeks between sending the code off to manufacture and release, rather than sit around or take a break, we’ve continued to work on the game, making improvements and optimisations,” the studio explained.

We’ve also begun work on multiplayer DLC and a small part of this update is to introduce a compatibility pack. This is standard for any game that adds DLC – it’s just to make sure everyone can have the same multiplayer experience whether they own DLC or not.”

“While we understand gamers will be frustrated at the wait, the good news is that the update will actually reduce the size of the game’s total install footprint on their hard drive, and reduce the size of future patches significantly,” said Rebellion. “It’s part of this ongoing optimisation process that’s enabled Sniper Elite 3 to perform well at a native 1080p on both Xbox One and PS4. We appreciate everyone’s patience and we firmly believe Sniper Elite 3 will be worth the wait!”

Sniper Elite III is out on June 27th in Europe, and on July 1st in North America for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC .



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