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access_time June 22, 2014 at 1:21 PM in Sony by Mihai Cosmin Nae

PlayStation Now’s Prices Are a Bad Joke

PlayStation Now's Prices Are a Bad Joke

Sony has revealed at E3 that their video game streaming service, named PlayStation Now, will become available on July 31st in North America for the PS3 and PS4 platforms. They had also mentioned that they will use this beta phase to test different pricing models for their product. And now, some of these prices have been revealed!

The players that are participating in the beta have to pay more than they were expecting… For example: Final Fantasy XIII-2 costs 5$ for a 4h rent$8 for seven days, $15 for 30 days and $30 for 90 days of play. A tip for the people that want to play this game: the physical copy of Square Enix‘s game is at most 18 bucks on Amazon.

PlayStation Now's Prices Are a Bad Joke

Another example is Guacamelee, an arcade game that you can purchase for $15 on PlayStation Network. On PlayStation Now this game can be played with $3 for four hours, $6 for seven days, $8 for 30 days and $15 for 90 days

PlayStation Now's Prices Are a Bad Joke

In my opinion, the prices are much higher that the consumers expected to be and a question must be asked: Why would I (the consumer) pay these prices to play a game for a month, when I can own it forever with the same amount of money?

If Sony will keep these prices and not lower them in the near future, offering at least big discounts for its PlayStation Plus subscribers, we can say that PlayStation Now will be gone before it will be officially launched!

Source: Kotaku


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