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Solar Storm demo is well received

by on June 17, 2014

solar storm 2

Yesterday we spoke about the new Kickstarter project for Solar Storm, and how the game currently has a demo titled STS-96 that serves as a tech and game demo to give you a taste of how the title will play. The team over at IGM Average Giants hosted a podcast last night in which they played said demo.

This pair, based in Calgary, was assisted by Kieran Mathers from the Solar Storm team. They showed off the demo live as they built an original ship, named it, armed it, then launched in an attempt to reach the red planet of Mars.

During the journey they took down enemy drones, kamikaze satellites, dodged asteroid swarms, ran out of fuel (twice), and honestly, experienced almost everything that the game has to offer the players. They didn’t manage to make it anywhere near their destination, but the pair rather enjoyed their time.

Nick Cescon, one of the Average Giants team members stated, “That was great. Solar Storm is a seriously fun space simulator with just the right balance of fast paced action and in depth planning. I really enjoyed that!”

I’ll be checking out the demo myself soon (and will likely post a video of my play for those interested), but in the meantime, if you’ve tried it out, do you agree with Nick?

If you want to back the project, you can find the official Kickstarter page here.

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