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Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire at E3


Nintendo was able to provide fans with a plethora of information at this years E3 on what to expect later this year. Particularly some more elaboration on their next pair of Pokemon titles, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (remakes of the classic Ruby and Sapphire games) that are set to release November 21, 2014. From brand new trailers to screen shots and official art, there is a lot of new information to keep fans occupied on what will separate the old from the new. From the looks of things, the plots main focus seems relatively unchanged. The protagonist (male or female depending on the player’s choice) begins their journey of the Hoenn region from their hometown of Little Root. This island region of the Pokemon world is kept in a delicate balance between the large ocean surrounding it and the live volcano that is slowly but surely expanding the landscape. Again much like the previous Ruby and Sapphire, players will get involved between the struggle of a villainous team that is set of destroying the islands balance.

Team Aqua, who wants to raise the seas and Team Magma who is looking to seize the power of the volcano and expand the landscape. While both of these teams will make an appearance in the games, the team that will have the most impact on the narrative will depend on which version of the game you are playing. However, this conflict is not the only part of the story according to Nintendo. There is also supposed to be a character by the name of Steven, a mysterious rare stone collector, who is on a journey to learn the mysteries of Mega Evolution (a game mechanic introduced in Pokemon X and Y) and Legendary Pokemon. It is satisfying to see that the Pokemon Company is continuing to elaborate on a groundbreaking change to Pokemon Lore even in a remake of existing games.

Since Mega Evolution continues to be such a prominent plot point, of course they would include more Pokemon that will have this special ability, including all three starter Pokemon of the Hoenn region (Treeko, Torchicand Mudkip). Which can be accessed after each have reached their final evolution. Furthur elaboration on each of the starter Pokemon’s Mega Evolution would unlock in an exclusive trailer. For example, a mega evolved Serpentile gains the type advantages of the Dragon type and gains the Lightning Rod ability to absorb electric attacks and increase its special attack. Other like the already known Mega Blaizken (Introduced in Pokemon X and Y) will gain not only and attack increase, a speed boost ability and even the flying type move Brave Bird. ImageArt_MegaDiancie_layersremoved There is even a trailer showing off another new Mega Evolution concerning the Pokemon Diancie. A Pokemon that can be gained through Pokemon X/Y and can be transferred to Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. How players can gain this Pokemon has yet to officially stated, but there was no time wasted on showing off this Pokemon’s Mega form.

Promising to be a powerful new addition to the Fairy type line up. All of this on top of the already popular three-dimensional look of Pokemon X/Y, Omega Red and Alpha Sapphire look to be another promising installment of the Pokemon franchise. A mix of old and new that is setting up to be its own unique installment instead of the rehash of a past title.


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