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Destiny Alpha First Impressions


We played the Destiny Alpha for the past few days, and we decided that our experience it’s worth sharing with you. Here you have a few thoughts from GotGame’s team:

Robert Craciun:

The game is phenomenal, it has a lot of elements and a complexity level that’s off the charts. What I didn’t really enjoy though, were the free-roam quests, they feel a bit shallow and repetitive, having one return to the same area multiple times. And all of this is made even worse by the enemy rapid respawn, having to fight your way to the objective over and over again. Otherwise the game is great, it’s fluid, it’s gorgeous and immersive. I’m looking forward to it!

Calin Dumitriu:

For me Destiny is the perfect synergy of two of my favorite games, Borderlands and Mass Effect. It successfully combines the best elements of both into a game that could potentially surpass those two games. The gunplay is solid, the world is vast and interesting to explore, the loot system is addictive and the 3 classes give the gameplay variation by offering the player different ways to approach the enemies. I like very much the MMO vibe the game has and how easy it is to find other players in your world. I also like how challenging the game is, hope the difficulty will remain the same in the finished game. There were also some things I didn’t enjoy in the alpha. Mainly the enemy respawns, they were way too frequent, making the game a little less enjoyable. Also the lack of a proper game map and personal waypoints can make exploration a little confusing. A teleport to player feature would be welcome to easily reunite split groups.

Now I am going to talk a little about the Crucible. Bungie has done a very good job of balancing the competitive multiplayer considering the amount of character and weapon variations. Though I think some changes need to be made. The radar needs to be adjusted so it only shows enemies that are sprinting, not all of them. It will make the game a bit more tactical. The capture zones need to be enlarged because in the current state there is too much chaos within them. Also something has to be done about that announcer, he is very annoying, especially when it’s a tight match.

Joshua Richey:

After going more than a year not knowing what Destiny actually was or what it was trying to be, the Destiny Alpha has given gamer’s a better understanding of Bungie’s new project. It’s an addictive experience that crosses over many genres and delivers a breath of fresh air into gaming. The brief experience delivered by the Destiny Alpha was all that it took for me to see that this is a must have, Day 1 purchase.

Josh Boykin:

Destiny really struck me in ways I didn’t expect. Though the voice acting felt a bit corny most times (“It can’t be…it’s THE HIVE!” was particularly corny when combined with the electric guitar), the rest of the game never failed to disappoint. The atmosphere sucked me in, and I genuinely felt scared in the dark…something I didn’t expect to feel from a game that isn’t survival horror. But the combat was spot-on, equipment management was approachable but had depth, and most of all…the game was just plain fun.

Dragos Dobre:

I’ll be honest, Destiny might be the first true next-gen game I’ve played on PlayStation 4. Sure, 2014 had some quite important releases, but none dared to innovate or show us why we bought new hardware (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One). While we only had the chance to play a small portion from the whole game, I can say I’m pretty impressed with how Bungie managed to combine PVE and PVP. You now raised our expectations pretty high, so please don’t disappoint us.



  • paul jones (@lazyboyblue) June 17, 2014 at 7:59 AM

    Its a terrific game. Have to say though, I don’t agree with the articke about the free roam missions, which I thought were really good. After the game is finished I would probably still go back to it regularly if I could still do these missions. Would be awesome if Bungies added new ones over time too.

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