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access_time June 16, 2014 at 3:01 PM in News by Charlie Grammer

Solar Storm, a space based Rogue-like game, has arrived on Kickstarter

solar storm

Solar Storm is a space Rogue-like game that plays like FTL meets LEGO. The game allows you to construct a vessel from different components, then launch it from Earth into the Solar System.

In space you will battle dangers such as pirates, meteorites, and even on-board ship failures. As you do this, you are tasked with finding the STS Hope, which is lost somewhere in the asteroid belt. Once you have located the ship, you simply must bring it home.

Lucid Dreams Studios has also released a standalone demo titled Solar Storm: STS-96, which features as both a tech and game demo. This demo is based around the first mission to Mars. Unfortunately a group known as the Great Filter Movement are opposing this mission, believing that to travel to another world will trigger the “Great filter,” thus destroying our planet.

Solar Storm’s Head Programmer, John Harrison, stated, “After months of hard work, we’re so proud to be moving forward on our Kickstarter drive. It’s been such a long process of design and development that even to reach this point feels like an achievement. We’ve managed to meet our expectations and we’re hoping that people will see and enjoy what we’ve created.”

Creative lead over at LDS, Kieran Mathers, added, “We’re aware that crowdfunding is extremely competitive and as a tiny indie publisher we’ll need all the help we can get. But we hope that, once people have seen our trailer and played our demo, they will be as excited as we are for what could happen if we are successful in our funding drive!”


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