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NGames boldly goes where no MMO has gone before

Explore the mysterious Fluidic Space in upcoming Star Trek MMO.

Explore the mysterious Fluidic Space in upcoming Star Trek MMO.

As you can probably guess from the headline, NGames has decided to take the Star Trek franchise into Fluid Space in a new MMORPG.

The USS Voyager has returned and told tales of Fluidic Space, which the Federation has tried to investigate but failed. With all efforts to explore this space in vain, the Federation was going to give up hope when an unexpected turn of events occurred. A Galaxy-class explorer ship received a short message that informed them that they were drawn into Fluidic Space by an unstable wormhole. The ship sending this message had even built an outpost and stumbled upon a crystal of unlimited potential power.

Now that the Federation knows how to enter Fluidic Space, they immediately begin sending in a reinforcement fleet filled with supplies, researchers, and combat forces. The Klingons have other ideas, however, and send ships of their own, which sneak into the entrance. The two factions continually come into contact as they explore the space, resulting in war being on the verge of breaking out.

The game has you decide which force you wish to join, the Federation or the Klingons. Once you have decided you’ll have to join an all-out war as the two sides combat each other, as well as a new threat, Species 8472, and other mysterious threats that lurk within Fluidic Space.

Which faction will you join?


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