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E3 2014 – Metal Gear Solid 5 – Phantom Pain. Preview and Review

Well E3 is offically here and first up is Metal Gear Solid 5 offered by Konami. I can’t show any footage from this game but there are somecool highlights to talk about. First off is the huge strides the game takes with the use of the next gen systems.
The opening scene showed the main hero Snake on a horse and the horse actually took a poop during the gameplay. I guess realism to the max is what they were aiming for. Next Snake heads into a small village in the desert filled with bad guys. You must use your stealth to take them down which means riding sidesaddle, a new feature, and using a new power up which is a box. Yep a box. It is cooler than it sounds, trust me.

You can pop out of the top of the box to take enemies down and if you get cornered you can roll out the side of the box with the enemy still thinking you are inside, sneak around behind him to make one epic take down. You can tranquilize animals and humans alike. Once you do, you can then tag them and slap a balloon on them to transport them into the air and over to the Motherbase.


You can transport even huge items like large trash bins and vehicles. It is a sight to see! The level maps are insanly huge and the weather changes constantly. There are sand storms, rain storms and it even changes from night to day and day to night.

If the time of day isn’t moving to fast for you in the game, there is always the “phantom cigar” option, in which Snake takes out a cigar, sits back and the hours of the day just pass by as he tokes on his stogie. Ahh to be pixelated.

During the game you can to supply drops which can crash down on the other enemy, as well as other plot devices.

This game also featuring the mother base, a floating metal rig out in the middle of the ocean.

This area is totally customizable and everything you sent back to the motherbase from the previous level shows back up here. Friends, animals, maybe even a phatom cigar or two? Well we will have to wait and see


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