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access_time June 10, 2014 at 2:27 PM in News by Charlie Grammer

E3 2014: Sony reveals the PlayStation TV

The PlayStation Vita TV, as it was marketed in Japan last year.

The PlayStation Vita TV, as it was marketed in Japan last year.

As the title says, today Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. has introduced the PlayStation TV, which is billed as “an affordable entertainment system that will enable users to easily enjoy various game content and PlayStation 4 remote play on their TV at home”.

This new product will come in black and be available in North America, Europe, and the PAL region this fall at the recommended retail price of $99/99 for a single system. It will also come in a bundled form that will include a Dualshock 3 controller, an 8GB memory card, and The LEGO Movie Videogame at a price of $139.99 in North America.

For those unaware, the product was released in Japan (and other Asian regions) on November 14, 2013, as PlayStation Vita TV, and has proven to be popular with consumers who were seeking a convenient, easy-to-use system. The system has evolved since its release through updates.

The console will utilize PlayStation 4 remote play (though it should be noted that games requiring the use of the PlayStation Camera cannot be played) and the ability to play PS3 games through PlayStation Now. It will also offer a lineup of over 1,000 PlayStation Vita Games, PSP games, and PS One classics (not all Vita games are compatible, as some utilize Vita-specific features that the system cannot reproduce).

If you so desire, you can play games with Vita users through a local wireless Ad Hoc mode. You will also be able to connect two DS3 or DS4 controllers to the system, thus allowing you to enjoy local multiplayer on PS One classics. Providing you have a SEN account, you will be able to access movies and TV episodes that are available on the PlayStation Store, as well as many of the same services available on Vita (exceptions being the Near, Map, and Welcome Park services).

Finally you can store photos or videos on the memory card, or even stream the videos being played on the Vita’s browser through the PlayStation TV, thus allowing said videos to be viewed on the larger TV screen. Users should keep in mind that the PS TV and Vita need to be connected within the same network and that some movie files cannot be transferred or played, depending on the network environment and movie data format. Sony also cautions that videos downloaded from the PlayStation Store cannot be transferred between devices, and that both TV and Vita need the latest system software installed for these features.

What are your thoughts on the PlayStation TV?


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