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access_time June 9, 2014 at 11:11 AM in Features by Robert Craciun

Microsoft’s Lamest, Coolest and Most Surprising E3 Moments

The Microsoft’s E3 conference has just ended. Millions of fans and gamers watched it live, including myself, so I thought I should highlight some particular… moments. Moments that surprised and shocked, moments that seemed lame and moments that seemed cool. Just moments that affect both the gamers and the gaming world and set the mark for what’s to come in this next-gen future. Let’s get on with it, then!

Lame moment: The Nurburgring DLC announcement for Forza Motorsport 5. Not only that every major and minor racing game released in the last decade featured this track, they actually used the E3 conference to announce it. A single track. Free, for what that’s worth, but a bloody single-track DLC that exist in every other racing game! It’s just seemed like an insult, a kick in the balls. “Here’s something that everyone already has, but we’re giving it for free and make a huge deal about it!”. Seriously Microsoft… that was retarded.

Bonus: Dance Central. ‘nough said.

Cool moment: Sunset Overdrive. That’s like Infamous on crack! In a very good way. It was an explosion of fun and yummy craziness and the gameplay looked absolutely terrific. Yeah, that’s a super-double-hyperbole right there cuz’ this one more that deserves it! Energetic and awesomeness-generating, this energy-drink-addict-mutant-slayer showcase was definitely the coolest moment of the conference.

Bonus: Crackdown. A welcomed comeback, featuring explosions and trucks being thrown in collapsing buildings. Intense sh*t!

Surprising moments: So there are two surprisingly good moments (actually there are three, but two of them could be put in the same bowl). The first one is the Tomb Raider teaser trailer. The previous one cashed in a huge success and was an amazing reboot of an old classic. So no wonder that fans went berserk when a new title was announced. We were kind of “smelling” a new one incoming, but expected to see it at the Ubisoft conference. The second surprising moment was the addition of the two indie titles: Inside and Ori and The Blind Forest. We all know that Microsoft isn’t a huge fan of these kind of games, but those two titles looked fabulous. With heart-melting visual and audio designs, and what looks like some dramatic storyline moments, the two titles stole the show. And no one even saw it coming.

Bonus: No Kinect, TV shizzle and other gimmicks. Kudos, Microsoft! You actually learned something and surprised us with your tenacity.

Final conclusion? I’ll give them an 8.5/10. They focused on games (and DLC’s unfortunately) and they delivered.



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