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GGR 717 Wolfenstein: The New Order & Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

by on June 6, 2014


Listen up videogamers… it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! The further you get in Wolfenstein, the better it gets… a creepy Nazi doctor want’s to do weird experiments on you.. you survive that, and your nursed back to health by Anja.. the hot Polish nurse. Time has gone by and now your in the 1060s.. time to waste more Nazis! Wolfenstein: The New Order..this is a great single player story.

In a couple weeks, the new Transformers Movie and Video game hit. In the video game, you can chose at the beginning weather you’d like to be an Autobot, or a Decepticon! Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark.. we’ll get to play it June 24th.. I’m Steve Masters for GotGame.

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