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access_time June 4, 2014 at 12:24 PM in Features by Tyler Colp

Mirror’s Edge 2 and new Criterion game listed for E3 2014: what do we expect

mirrorsedge 2

The list of games to be shown at E3 are coming out of every orifice. Whether they’re leaked, scheduled, or rumored, we’re getting a good idea of what to expect at the trade show next week.

Today, a GameTrailers schedule has revealed that we will definitely see Mirror’s Edge 2 and a new game from Criterion at the show, or at least on the website.

We haven’t heard anything about Mirror’s Edge 2 since the tease we got at last year’s E3. It would be nice to see it playable this year and with some kind of trailer, maybe with gameplay. There’s a certain expectation for Mirror’s Edge to carry the previous game’s momentum- and parkour-based flow into the sequel, and I know there’s a group of people, like me, who would like to see less gunplay.

Shooting in the first game was always awkward and felt like it lost the point of the game and the character. It would be interesting to see how they continue Faith’s story. It might even be a prequel, who knows? But I know I’m ready to see a game from EA that isn’t another shooter.

My one prediction is that it will have some sort of multiplayer in it. The first game didn’t, but EA seems so focused on you keeping the game for DLC that I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a way to compete against other people.

The next Criterion game is even more intriguing. The last game it released was Need For Speed: Rivals. But since then, many employees have left, including the two founders. Will the next game even be a racing game? I’d assume yes, but there’s definitely a lot for it to prove now that the outside perspective is a little worrying.

We know that the new game won’t be a Need For Speed game. Ghost Games will be handling those. Maybe we’ll see Burnout again? I’d be into that.


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