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Dragon’s Wrath mount details revealed

Mount details revealed.

Mount details revealed.

Even the most powerful warriors in the upcoming MMORPG, Dragons’s Wrath, cannot defeat dragons alone. After all, thousands have died trying to combat the fiery beasts by hand before they finally decided to level the battlefield with powerful beasts of their own.

These beasts are your mounts, and they come with an appearance to match their vital role. They rip through the battlefield with a flurry of special effects and special skills, leaving a trail of destruction behind…. As soon as they’re trained, anyway.

You will meet a plethora of beasts on your quest to stop the dragon invasion, with each having their own unique abilities and attributes. Once these beasts are tamed, they form a special bond with their warrior owners and evolve right alongside them.

The mounts will provide a vital boost to a warrior’s stats in battle, which is rather useful for the game’s tougher challenges. After all, would dragon forces look anywhere near as deadly when you ride an armored Griffin or even a giant Sabretooth into battle?

You will be able to boost and customize a mount’s attributes via a special interface by utilizing a range of unique accessories.


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