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access_time May 29, 2014 at 2:07 PM in News by Charlie Grammer

Dragon Age: Inquisition first look at Halamshiral

Peace reigns in the fabled Winter Palace. Or so it appears.

Peace reigns in the fabled Winter Palace. Or so it appears.

This past weekend BioWare shared the first look at Halamshiral. This Winter Palace offers a haven for nobles, allowing them to carry on as they always have while civil war ravages the Orlesian countryside.

The merchants who visit the area certainly won’t be complaining about the chaos’s lack of effect the nobles, as they are able to line their pockets by selling their goods to the sovereigns. And in the Winter Palace, it certainly seems to be a guarantee, granting them safe haven.
That said, looks can be, and typically are, quite deceiving. In Halamshiral battles are not fought with staves and steel, but rather politics. Indeed, in the fabled Winter Palace, rumor and scandal are far more deadly weapons to utilize.
What will you do when you visit this famed palace?


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