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Wield the force of rage in Infinite Crisis

Atrocitous joins the fray.

Atrocitous joins the fray.

Turbine has released a new Champion Spotlight video for the Infinite Crisis game, the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) set in the DC universe. This video focuses on the leader of the Red Lantern army, Atrocitus.

For those unaware of his backstory, before the Green Lantern Corp existed, the Guardians of the Universe utilized robotic Manhunters to keep the peace. A programming flaw caused them to slay trillions, however, leading Atrocitus and four other survivors to become the Five Inversions.

The Five Inversions were routed and imprisoned by the Guardians in time, however Atrocitus managed to escape. He proceeded to murder a fellow Inversion utilizing a red lantern, thus creating the very first Red Power Ring. Now armed with the raw force of rage, he is beginning his war on the Guardians anew.

Atrocitus is able to isolate his enemy and thrills in picking a fight and then shrugging off damage. He will be available on June 11, 2014.


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