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I have a bone to pick with you, girls who game.

It seems like you can’t win with the female crowd in the gaming world. You either get shit on for having your female characters being overly sexualized or not engaging enough. There’s no middle ground. Even the new Lara Croft-who was a total independent badass-was given the stink eye because of her redesign. Oh no, god forbid a woman not only be kickass but ALSO ATTRACTIVE. No. One or the other. How DARE you think they can’t be mutually exclusive. And they all say the same things: “These games are made by men”. Well that’s because the male population has a higher interest in video games, and that’s not a sexist statement, that’s just a generic statistic. It’s true. They make these games, so they make the women. Femshep seems to be one of the only accepted ones, for whatever reason. Probably because her character couldn’t be overly sexy cause ya know, they’re in space and you can’t really wear cutoffs and tanktops in space (well you could I guess, you’d just look silly), and they basically made her the female version of Shepard. But isn’t that insulting in and of itself? She’s not even her own character. She’s just the female version of shepard. At least the majority of the female characters in other games have personalities and what have you. She’s literally just shepard with boobs, and yet that’s somehow more acceptable than Lara Croft. Ok. Whatever.

I saw a friend on facebook post that she read about a feminist talking about how the women in video games are portrayed as weak women, such as Princess Peach, because they have to be rescued. Not only are you comparing a game that doesn’t its characters all that much…well…character, to begin with, but you’re comparing Princess fucking Peach to characters like Lara Croft or…

Wait a second.

There ISN’T anyone besides Lara Croft…think about it.

  • Cortana-sidekick AND computer
  • Gals from L4D-no personalities

The women you CAN name are all basically unimportant and uninteresting. Along with femshep, they’re essentially silent protagonists put into a game to let you…play as…them. Wait, isn’t that what every game is?

  • Master Chief-barely speaks, no face
  • L4D guys-no personalities
  • THERE ISN’T EVEN A HUMAN MAN IN PORTAL (well, Cave, but he’s dead)

So now that we’ve shown that male and female protagonists are essentially the same-computer generated characters used to allow the PLAYER to put themselves in their shoes-the argument is pretty fuckin’ ridiculous isn’t it? To say Princess Peach is a great example of sexism in video games is like being one of those people who says Pokemon has some sort of anti religious overtones because oh no, “evolution”. Shit, you think female characters in games aren’t powerful or well represented? The little sisters in Bioshock are more important and powerful than your character will ever be. Even in Infinite, which people again shout that Elizabeth is nothing but a tool to be used, she’s more important. THERE’S LIKE 12 OF HER AT THE END AND THEY MURDER YOU.

What’s even more fucked up, is this.

I guarantee that if the women who are for feminism and making these claims-the ones who go on righteous rants stating that EVERY woman is important and equal-read this article and knew I was trans wouldn’t agree with me because I’m not cis. So much for your belief in the idea that every woman is equal, eh? Somehow my opinion is invalid.

I’ve had a rough couple of days guys, cut me some slack ok?

Maggie Wiland is a 24 y/o transgirl. She wanted to slay space dragons while riding go karts for a living, but has now been resigned to bitching about video games after realizing she is ultimately talentless in every other aspect of her life. She’s also been said to make a mean casserole.


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