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Xeno Quest equipment and soul stamp details revealed

Xeno Quest" Equipment and Soul Stamp details revealed.

Xeno Quest Equipment and Soul Stamp details revealed.

Today the folks over at NGames have revealed the details behind both the equipment and soul stamps in the upcoming mobile MMORPG, Xeno Quest.

The equipment in the game will come in various levels of quality. These will be color-coded from weakest: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Golden, and Red. You will be able to synthesize low-level equipment together in order to obtain more advanced equipment with extra powerful attributes.

In Sketch mode you can follow blueprints to forge new equipment. Synthesis in the game will come with a high success rate compared to several other MMOs, and you can spend a bit of gold to guarantee 100% success.

Next up are the Soul Stamps. After you complete the “Function of the Soul Stamp” quest you will be able to pick up these valuable combat elements. These can be given to any character and will boost their core attributes when summoned in battle. Which bonuses your characters get depend on the stamps you put on, and up to 8 can be carried and equipped, depending on the player’s rank.

You can also upgrade these stamps using Soul Forces, or, if you’re lucky enough to get a Soul Quartz, you can get a special Advanced Soul Stamp for it.



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