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Fallout 4’s biggest features hinted by developer: do we believe it?


An interview came out today from a former Fallout: New Vegas developer on Eurogamer. The lead designer in fact. The quotes were taken from earlier this year, but they might hint at the direction Bethesda is taking with the sequel to the popular first-person, RPG.

The developer, Josh Sawyer, said he hopes the game will offer choices that represent the game’s grim world. That makes sense with the tone of the games. As a lone survivor, it would be odd to save the day without having the weight of the world on you. The point of Fallout is to find an interesting story in the scarcity and savagery of a post-apocalypse. I think this is likely to find it’s way into the next Fallout game, regardless if Sawyer actually knows anything about it.

Secondly, Sawyer said he wants the gameplay to be more challenging. If you’ve played Fallout, you’ll know the game’s combat isn’t that difficult. And when we have several survivor games that seem to have taken great inspiration from Bethesda’s games, you’d think the next Fallout would be more realistic. With difficulty, comes more investment in the game. Fallout would likely benefit from pulling you even deeper into the world. Hopefully Bethesda gives us the option to pump the difficulty up for those who seek that type of game.

He also suggests the game will run a lot better on PlayStation platforms. Please, Bethesda. No more broken games.

It’s hard to say how much belief we should put into Sawyer’s statements. He’s obviously a fan of the series who wants similar things as everyone else, but he’s also worked on one of the games. He might have heard tidbits about the game. It all makes sense too. If we put together the more believable rumors, specifically that it will take place in Boston, the game sounds closer and closer to being announced.

E3 is very, very soon. Will we hear about it then? I think it’s unlikely, unless Microsoft or Sony worked out an exclusivity deal to get the game on stage when they do their press conferences. Instead, I think it will probably be announced via Bethesda’s own event. Fallout is too popular. It doesn’t need a gaming convention to get people excited. I just hope Bethesda will get on to announcing it soon.


  • Dude May 29, 2014 at 7:57 PM

    Fallout already has adjustable difficulty,which can make the enemies a lot harder to put down. Make it too hard,and people will lose interest. Not everyone spends 14 hrs a day on a system…

    • FalloutWander2077 June 3, 2014 at 1:39 PM

      While I do get what you are saying,the modern fallout games certainly could use a boost in the challenge department. That doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be what many perceive as ‘Difficulty’. There could be changes as like what Sawyer alluded to – Complicated and challenging decisions based around morality or the lack of.

      Decisions not leaning towards the typical binary black & white , who is good,who is evil/what is good and what is evil instead there could be choices mimicking shades of grey,which resembles our reality and the human dilemma between what is right and what is wrong.

      Traditional difficulty could use some changes as well in my opinion. Most games now a days utilize increased health and increases in damage output or the lack of damage output via the player character. Ultimately leading to ‘Bullet sponges’ which to me is not difficult per se or the right way of increasing difficulty.

      I would much rather have modern games and the fallout series offer more intelligent A.I. for enemies and companions alike. Offering dynamic reactions,flanking,taking cover,realization when they are out gunned by a superior opponent,instead of how we have enemies running wildly at you wielding only a kitchen knife against the player character equipped with a Gatling laser!!! I’m sure you get my point.

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