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Gamebusters myth 26: All Bonds in GoldenEye

Can you play as four Bonds in GoldenEye?

Can you play as four Bonds in GoldenEye?

After a brief break, Gamebusters returns. This time we’ll be tackling a myth surrounding a classic Nintendo 64 game, GoldenEye.

This myth goes that you can pick four of the five actors who have portrayed Bond in various films. These were Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, and of course the Bond of the time, Pierce Brosnan. George Lazenby, though he had portrayed Bond previously, was not going to be included in this mode.

In order to access the All Bonds feature, you have to, according to Electronic Gaming Monthly, complete the Aztec mission on 007 difficulty in less than nine minutes. In addition to this speed, the customizable enemy settings all need to be on the highest setting. If you succeed then you’ll be able to unlock this mode, allowing all gamers to choose the various Bonds.

Myth or fact? This one is a myth, but it was indeed based on fact. It turns out that Rare had indeed placed a feature in the game’s multilayer mode that would allow you to choose between these five Bonds before the game was released. When asked, Rare stated, “Yes, it was the hope of the team that all Bonds would be available to play, but for various reasons they weren’t.”

In addition to being playable, the four Bonds were going to be used to illustrate the four single-player dossiers, however these were also removed, instead showing Brosnan’s portrait on all four.

As for the cheat method itself, it was merely an April Fools prank by EGM, which they pulled yearly.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Gamebusters. As usual, if you know of any myths that you would like me to investigate, simply leave a message and I promise to make it a priority. Happy gaming!


  • FHYF May 28, 2014 at 10:38 AM

    Not a myth, can play as all four Bonds with a cheat device.

    • Charlie Grammer May 28, 2014 at 11:43 AM

      You can see them with a cheat device and replace the portrait by using certain codes, yes, but playing the All Bonds mode as Rare was initially intending is not possible as they were forced to remove it.

      Also the ROM editor released in 2005 by the Rare Witch Project did indeed confirm that the Bond pictures were in the game, and you can utilize a version of the cheat by mapping them onto other multiplayer bodies. Of course it doesn’t look right since the head and body shapes don’t match the textures.

      I will also note that before I posted I actually used a Gameshark and put in various codes I’d found online that claimed to “Unlock” that mode and none worked. If you honestly managed to get it to work without a hacked ROM, please, share the code and I’ll update accordingly.

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