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access_time May 21, 2014 at 12:52 AM in Features by Robert Craciun

Top Three 2048 Versions Of The Week: Reverse, Sh0ts!, PAW

UndffSo with the last week’s top being the 5th one, now we finally reached a milestone by beating it. So in order to celebrate this, you’ll find a special version in this week’s top. Plus, a completely adorable one and another version that may make you feel… dizzy. Well, make it two versions. Check them out:


Reverse: click here (mobile version: Google Play)

Funky little version (also known as One), it doesn’t change a lot of things, but the mere fact that it’s in reverse makes it a bit… odd. And we like odd things, don’t we? What do I mean by reverse? Well, it’s just like the original one, only that you start with 2048 and 1024 tiles and the goal is to reach “1”. Not too shabby!




PAW: click here

This is so sweet, I could put in it my tea. What’s the one game that all the internet loves? 2048! And what’s the one thing that rules over all the internet and is loved by everything and everyone? Cats! Small, fluffy, adorable cats! So of course that a combination of the two was inevitable. Just be careful – you might feel a little less manly (if you’re a man) after playing this for a while, but no worries, we got you covered.


Sh0ts!: click here

So, here’s the one I’ve been telling you about, the celebration version. Not only that it features some funky party colors and that it’s all about drinks, but it also has a neat feature. You join shots in order to fill the glass more and more, but once it’s full, you can’t do anything else with it and you get a score of 1. So the goal is to get as many full glasses as you can, though it’s getting harder and harder. Just like real-life drinking (though you gotta’ get them glasses empty in that case).



Go ahead, take a few shots and you’ll probably end up going in reverse (see what I did there?). No worries though, you’ll wake yourself up with the cat version, ‘cos that’s what cats do. They wake you up. Early morning. So you’ll feed them. Damn cats.



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