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When I was like, 16 or something, a friend bought WoW for me with a 3 month subscription so we could play together. I never paid again after that 3rd month. Having played Warcraft 2 as a little girl with my step brother, I just didn’t really enjoy WoW, and much like how I felt about paying Microsoft to use a service I already pay for-Netflix-(which thank god that’s ending now), I don’t like to pay to use things I own. I already, well, SOMEONE paid for the game. I don’t want to have to pay to USE the game too. I understand they need the money to run their servers, but it’s just how I feel.

And the same goes for any MMO. Not only am I just not the right audience for it (which is odd, I already sit at home in front of my computer 80 thousand hours a day anyway, I may as well be playing a game on it too right? You’d think we’d make natural allies!) but I just don’t LIKE any of them. Star Wars is whatever game wise, WoW is nothing compared to old Warcraft and so on and so on. However, my friend Matt and I have discussed at length, and I’m sure I’ve mentioned it here once or twice in older articles, about how great it’d be in Nintendo made a Pokemon MMO. Granted, Pokemon is already sort of an RPG/MMO hybrid weird thing but just a straight up MMO with no ending, and endless battles and friends to travel with? God. Awesome. It totally lends itself to the MMO realm. We also discussed Fallout, that’d be cool, but not a lot of games lend themselves to the MMO format as Pokemon seems to. There’s even already been fan attempts, you can Google it, but I’m talkin’ somethin’ Nintendo licensed here. Somethin’ official.

1379992459590At this point in the franchise, they certainly have enough locations and pokemon to fill an entire world. THAT’S no problem. It’d be built on a grander scale, which would be cool too. I know why it won’t happen though. It’s totally because Pokemon as a franchise is what moves Gameboys/DS’s. Hands down. That’s it. Even more things like Zelda, I think. I bought my DS because I wanted to play the new Pokemon. I want a 3DS for (among other games too actually this time) the new Pokemon. It works. But it works for Nintendo. I don’t ever feel this way for another franchise or game. I usually don’t care what platform something is on, and even if I really want to play a game but don’t own the console, I’m not about to drop 400 dollars in order to play a 60 dollar retail game especially when the game might not even be that great! That’s lunacy. It’s ludicrous. It’s another word that begins with ‘t’ and means ‘crazy’. But compare the price points of a full on console to that of a DS Lite, especially when I bought one way back in 2010. Ya know, I can spend 100-130 dollars, or maybe upwards of 250 (Idk what 3DS’s cost, so fuck me right). But 400-500 dollars for a console for one game? No. Never gonna happen. I can weather the 100-250 market. Anything beyond that for a singular title is laughable.

It’s why The Beatles didn’t have their entire discography up on iTunes until years after anyone gave a shit.

Yeah, back in 2004 or whatever, iTunes WANTED to put The Beatles library on iTunes, but they weren’t havin’ it (or Michael Jackson wasn’t or Cthulhu or whoever the fuck owns the rights to their music) simply because they were still selling SO. MANY. CD’S. After it tail ended, they finally went digital. Makes sense. Squeeze as much money out of one medium as you can. So maybe if the day ever comes when Nintendo sees profits dip on the Pokemon franchise as a whole, they may rethink pushing it to a broader, wider gaming platform like an MMO. But Pokemon would ONLY work as an MMO also. You couldn’t have a Pokemon shooter. Could you imagine? Magikarp Effect. Gyarados of War. Call of Dewgong. I’m a funny bitch.

I also TOTALLY wanna play Magikarp Effect. Just be the exact same game as Mass Effect but reskin Shepards head with a Magikarp on the body and he just makes Magikarp sounds. God DAMMIT that’d be funny. Someone make a mod of that NOW, pleaaaaase. Appease me. I don’t have friends or a life, this is all I have guys.

Anyway, maybe one day my dream will come true, and a PokeMMO will come to fruition.

And maybe one day women will like me.

I don’t expect either to happen, but a gal can dream.

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PS: On a whim, I googled “pokemon mass effect” and was given this.



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