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GGR 703 Drakengard 3 & Wolfenstien: The New Order

by on May 21, 2014


Listen up videogamers… it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! What did she say?? Wow.. if a video game has a girl who needs to go to the bathroom as it’s opening scene.. what’s next? Out today is the Japanese Role playing game… Drakengard 3. Six sisters… and one of them is evil.. JRPG fans Drakengard 3 hits today.

My top pick today is.. Wolfenstien..the New Order! It’s the ninth Wolfenstien game… set in an alternate WW2 reality where the Nazis win… It’s a single player first person shooter that should provide about 20 hours of nazy balsting goodness… Wolfenstein, The New Order is out today!! I’m Steve Masters for GotGame.

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