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access_time May 19, 2014 at 12:59 PM in PC/Mac by Tim St. Croix

Review| The Last Tinker: City of Colors

Upon booting up the Last Tinker the first thing that went through my head was WOW. This game looks and feels different from so many others that I have played, its visuals are striking, and its gameplay is very much like an old school platformer of old. To say I was impressed is a slight understatement.


I was worried however, if it would suffer from many of the same tropes that platformers have suffered from, I am pretty pleased to say it does not. Frequent check points abound, plenty of health pickups,, and the only slight difficulty is in learning timing, you have to watch sometimes for a few seconds to learn a rhythm before you run across.

I think however this game plays better if you use the controller enabled feature. I myself found no issues using the traditional keyboard and mouse setup, but it just feels not the same, that’s neither good nor bad it’s just a fact.


The plot is relatively simple. You have to help bring color back to a world that is slowly having it leached out by an evil force called the bleakness. This is a force that you accidently helped set in motion and as a result you are the only one who can do anything about it. You are a legendary figure called a Tinker, and only you can right what has gone wrong.

Along the way you gain power ups unlocked via new clothing items, you unlock new combat moves through vending machines, and as usual more of the plot is revealed and your ultimate destiny revealed. The combat is quick but easy to learn, and I like how each time you defeat a mini-boss, suddenly what was grey and leeched of all color, blooms almost like a flower right in front of your eyes. With plenty of in-jokes like Rob Boss, the greatest painter in colortown, who just so happens to look like another afro’d painter of legend, this game is funny and fun in all the best ways.


I really like this game, it hearkens back to platformers of old and yet still feels surprisingly fresh, with stunning graphics, great platforming, and interesting story it is a game that gamers of any age should feel comfortable playing, by themselves or for the older gamers, with their kids. There are honestly too few games that truly feel like they were made for everyone and not a core group. This game is a welcome change to the lineup. The Last Tinker is currently available on Steam and get a very high rating of 4.5/5.


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