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Hearthstone: Arena Mode and How Much It Is Worth

Over a year ago Blizzard Entertainment announced that they were working on a new project, a video game set within the Warcraft universe. A collectible card game planned to become a great success worldwide, bringing daily millions of players in front of their PC monitors or tablets to do some battles or for watching others climbing their way to the top. A game called Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft which accomplished its goal. At first sight, playing the game seems to be simple. Two heroes, one against the other and chosen from nine different classes, fighting with their decks until one of them loses all its health. But is not that simple! Hearthstone requires a lot of strategy skills, knowledge of the entire card collection, patience and a bit of luck in order to draw the right cards when the moment comes. The Arena is one of the four play modes offered by the game and it can be the worthiest one, if it is played right. In this article I will tell you how the Arena works and how much worth does it worth playing it, hoping that after you read it you’ll be convinced to give it a try. Hearthstone: Arena Mode and How Much Does It Worth   The first thing you have to know about this mode is that it requires a fee to enter it. One entry to the Arena costs 150 Gold or 1,99$ / 1,79€ / 1.49£ and requires that you have already unlocked every hero class in the game. After doing this, the next two phases are based on the magical number three. First you will be presented with three random hero classes to choose from. Once you have selected a character to play with you will have to build your Arena Deck. This part is one of my favorites things in this game. It doesn’t matter what kind of cards you have or not in your collection, because in the Arena Mode you have the opportunity to play with every available card of the game! (Free, Common, Rare, Epic or Legendary) Building the Arena Deck means that there will be shown 30 different sets of cards, each set featuring three different cards. You must select one card from each of these sets that you want to have in your deck, the other two cards will be discarded after you make your choice. Is very important to know that any selection in this phase is permanent, it cannot be undone! Also, you must know that unlike the other play modes, where each deck can feature a maximum of two of each card (and one of each legendary card), in the Arena there is not such a limit. You can have five Fireballs or Swipes in your deck or two Ragnaros if you will be lucky enough to have them in the sets. Hearthstone: Arena Mode and How Much Does It Worth After you are done building your Arena Deck, the battles can start. You will be playing against another players until you will lose three matches or win 12. That means that one entry in the Arena Mode can guarantee you between three and 15 matches, depending on your skill. Matchmaking for each round is determined by the player’s win/loss record for the current run. In other words, if you have two wins and one defeat, you will play against somebody that have the same number of wins and defeats. I forgot to mention that you will be given a key to a chest, once you enter the Arena. This key will be upgraded after each win you will have, meaning that you will open a more valuable chest after the run is over. What does this chest contain? It contains rewards that may consist of card packs (one card pack guaranteed for each Arena run), gold, Arcane dust and individual expert cards (including golden cards). The number of the rewards granted and their possible contents are determined by the number of games that you have won! Below I will post a table, which will show you what kind rewards you can obtain during an Arena run:

Hearthstone: Arena Mode and How Much Does It Worth

* At six wins you will get three rewards, not four. * Having between seven and 11 wins guarantees you four rewards.

How much does the Arena Mode worth?

This is a frequently asked question, which is connected with another one: How shall I spend my gold: by buying expert packs or by playing the Arena? My answer is simple: “Play the Arena whenever you have the time to do it!” and it is based on the following arguments:

  • The Arena is a great way to gain expert cards if you do not have the money to buy a lot of packs. One Arena entry costs 150 gold and it guarantees you at least one expert pack as a reward. If you win seven matches in a single run, you will get your gold back and enter a new Arena.
  • At the beginning of the game you do not have too many cards in your collection to play with them. The Arena gives you the opportunity to play with every card available in the game and by doing this you will know what kind of cards do you want in the future.
  • Playing the Arena teaches you how to build a deck. In Constructive Mode is very important to have a well-balanced deck and which cards it must contain. The Arena teaches you about the value of the Mana Curve in a deck and the value of every single card.
  • The Arena helps you discover the synergies between you, the cards and each faction. It will help you find out what is your favorite hero to play or which cards are perfect for you.
  • The Arcane Dust is a valuable resource in the game because it helps you to craft the cards you want. There are only two options to gain it: as a reward from the Arena or by disenchanting expert cards. Disenchanting cards is a dangerous method, especially for the beginners, and it gives you a small amount of Arcane Dust.
  • Arena Mode can be a great way to gain gold too. In other modes, such as Ranked or Casual Play, you will be given ten gold for each three victories. That means you will have to win 30 matches before you can buy an expert pack. In the Arena after you reach four or five wins, all the gold you will get as a reward can be considered a bonus.
  • Finally, by playing the Arena your strategy skills will improve. You will learn how to adapt to unexpected plays, how to control the board, when is the right time to play a card and when is not.

These are my thoughts about the Arena Mode in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and about why you should play it. In a few days I will post another article about the tips and tricks you can use in your runs. If you have any questions, please ask them below!



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