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access_time May 14, 2014 at 12:47 PM in Features by Tyler Colp

Doom 4 multiplayer outsourced and what that could mean


Things don’t sound good at Doom 4 developer Id Software. It’s no secret a bunch of the team has left for Oculus and that the latest Doom game has had a rough development. But an employee, writing on the website Glassdoor, makes it sound like the multiplayer beta you’ll get access to for buying Wolfenstein might not even be made by Id themselves.

Glassdoor doesn’t seem to verify if people actually work at the company they write about, but gaming insider Superannutation said he believes it’s a legitimate employee account. Furthermore, the employees complaints match with a Kotaku report about Doom 4’s development. The game has been restarted several times and reportedly doesn’t even resemble a somewhat working game.

What’s worse is that the multiplayer is being outsourced to developers outside of Id Software. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be bad, but many outsourced games have a tendency to turn out not that good. What it shows, though, is that Id Software has a lack of employees to get it done in time. It’s almost desperate.

For a game that’s been around for a long time, that’s not something you want to hear. Game development is costly, so that means Id Software believes in it enough to keep spending money on it. Maybe it’s the core of the game, or maybe it’s just the name alone. It’s probably tough to live up to the reputation Doom has in the game industry. It’s arguably the game that all shooters have been inspired by.

Id Software might be in a really bad position if people end up not liking the game. Rage wasn’t exactly well received and it’s unlikely they have any other games in development. It’s already worrying that we’ve seen so little of the game and even with a beta announcement, all we got was a logo.

Game development is difficult. Games fail all the time, we just don’t typically hear about it. We could just be hearing the bad stories. Doom 4 could be great, or it could not. We don’t have that long before we’ll know.


  • Dave McHugh May 14, 2014 at 2:51 PM

    This really doesn’t worry me too much because id hasn’t offered a good multiplayer experience since Quake 3: Arena. Granted I haven’t played Quake: Wars, but I am not sure that was entirely an id product. Quake 4’s multi was lackluster and almost unplayable on consoles. Doom 3 reminded us why 4 player deathmatch is super boring. and then there was RAGE… which as a game I actually enjoyed until the end of it when I found out they forgot an ending. Oh and the fact that they decided a racing game would be a more fun multiplayer experience for their first person shooter instead of say, i don’t know? Shooting other people on the internet… in first person. If I was paying id money to make games and I saw this same shitty track record, I wouldn’t let them craft the multiplayer side either.

    So if they can bring a studio to the fold that has some experience within the last 10 years of crafting good multiplayer experiences, then I think that the title will be better for it.

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