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access_time May 12, 2014 at 8:48 AM in Mobile by Charlie Grammer

TEKKEN CARD TOURNAMENT 2.0 features the return of Hwoarang

Hwoarang features new cards and effects.

Hwoarang features new cards and effects.

For the first time since the game launched, Hwoarang will be joining the TEKKEN CARD TOURNAMENT lineup, bringing all that he has to offer to gamers.

Hwoarang, also known as Blood Talon, gloats, “All you lucky players of TEKKEN CARD TOURNAMENT will soon be able to fight with ME! You think you can handle me? I warn you, I won’t hold back! Soon you will know who’s the best of the best!”

Is his arrogance well founded, or will he be taken down by the other participants?

For those wondering, the 3D model of Hwoarang has been “painstakingly rendered” for the game, and he’ll feature a new set of game cards. In addition to these cards, he’ll utilize an array of new fight effects made specifically for him.


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