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Microsoft E3 2014 leak, Ryse 2 and more: why you shouldn’t believe it

by on May 9, 2014


It’s a great time for rumors. With E3 coming in the next few weeks, a lot of people are interested in what all the big game companies will reveal at the annual event.

Earlier this week, we got a leak about Sony’s press conference which included games like Uncharted and The Last Guardian. A few notable people who have leaked truthful things before corroborated the rumor, but still couldn’t confirm it anymore than the the copy and pasted bullet point list.

Today, we have a leak from a blog called “TheCutAndDry” with no other posts except one that details a list of games to be revealed at Microsoft’s E3 press conference. Even worse than the Sony one, this list reads like a game enthusiast’s dream.

Most notable is Ryse 2. Sure, Crytek could be making a sequel to the Xbox One launch game, but why would Microsoft show it so close to the first game being released? Games usually take much longer to develop, and a year is not usually enough to have stuff to show. Again, it’s possible, but it seems very unlikely, especially since the game didn’t sell amazingly well.

Forza Horizon 2 for this October? Maybe. It’s been two years since the last game. But again, the Xbox One launched with a Forza game. Microsoft might want to bring some more variety to the console’s library of games.

Halo 2: Anniversary Edition has been rumored for a while. Anyone could write that down and call it a rumor. It makes sense.

Other stuff like Halo 5 and Quantam Break getting a release date isn’t surprising. E3 this year would be the perfect time to reveal that stuff, especially since it would give some people more reason to buy the Xbox One in a time where Microsoft would really welcome that.

I doubt Black Tusk is ready to show Gears of War and I doubt Rare is bringing back Battletoads and Perfect Dark. Those don’t scream franchises that Microsoft would like to pour money into. I don’t think it needs to win over dedicated game players. It needs big franchises that will get people to pay attention to the Xbox One.

There might be some truth in the list, but if I wrote out my own list I’m sure I’d hit a few too. There’s more at the link, but given the fact that the list has several games that fit better with a dream list of games Microsoft could make than with a realistic list and that there is no name or source to attach to it, I find it hard to believe.

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