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Create-a-Stadium, other features in the works for MLB: The Show franchise on PS4

MLB 14 the Show sliderMLB 14: The Show made its PS4 debut on Tuesday, but some local San Francisco Bay-area fans got their hands on copies of the game a day early for free. We here at GotGame headed over to the LIVE 105.3 studios and talked with Ramone Russell, a game designer working on The Show‘s franchise for the last 4 years. He told us a bit about the new version of the game, as well as hopes for the future of The Show and the possibility of a Create-a-Stadium mode in the future.Launching the PS4 version of MLB 14 was a challenge in itself according to Russell, but the team worked hard to get the game out within the system’s inaugural year. The Show is developed on a 9-month cycle, and the new PS4 iteration was created at the same time as the PS3 and VITA versions. “We had to rebuild everything from scratch, which was a daunting task in itself,” he said. Even so, there’s still potential for big changes in upcoming iterations of The Show. When asked about highlights of the PS4 version, Russell cited the enhanced visuals, but also talked about features in the works for PS4 that weren’t available on the PS3, including the much-requested Create-a-Stadium mode.”It took us about six years to get mature on the PS3, and it’ll probably take the same amount of time on the PS4,” Russell said, “but all the things that we couldn’t do on the Playstation 3 that we wanted to do, like Create-a-Stadium and things like that we’ll eventually be able to do on the Playstation 4.” Though he didn’t give a specific time frame, it sounds like baseball fans playing The Show on PS4 may be able to slug out home runs in their own fields soon.

MLB 14: The Show for PS4 is a feature-identical version of the game released for the PS3, but based on Ramone’s comments, this may be the last time that PS3 and PS4 owners can expect to be playing the same game of baseball. Both versions include the new Player Lock and Quick Counts game modes to speed up gameplay, but the PS4 version of the game comes with graphical upgrades, including the much-lauded revamped crowds. The new version of The Show features remodeled, 150 million-polygon count stadiums, enhanced player faces and motion capturing, two brand new lighting engines (one for day and one for night), as well as tons of small details that really bring out the feeling of realism in the game, like 3D grass as well as individually hand-drawn facial hair for the players.

With more powerful technology in hand, the Sony team in San Diego is making a conscious effort to take advantage of the new abilities of the PS4 with The Show, and they’re swinging for the fences. Check out our GotGame review of MLB 14: The Show here.


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