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Bound by Flame companions revealed

The guys at Focus Home Interactive have shown off several new screens of various companions that will accompany you in the upcoming title by Spiders Games, Bound by Flame.

Sybil, the mage.

Sybil, the mage.

First up is Sybil, a young mage who specializes in long-distance attacks and healing you during combat. Her abilities are sure to keep you alive at least a little bit longer as you struggle through the game.


Randval, the warrior.

Next is Randval, a warrior who excels in hand-to-hand combat.  His techniques are sure to distract your foes, buying you just enough time to cast your devastating spells and clear out the hordes of enemies assaulting you.


Edwen, the witch.

Edwen, the witch.


The third companion that can accompany you is Edwen, the witch. She has mastered dark and mystical arts, allowing her to either destroy your foes at long range with powerful attack spells or even help even the odds a bit by taking control of an enemy’s mind and forcing it to attack its friends.

Rhelmar, the elf.

Rhelmar, the elf.

Fulfilling the role of your archer is none other than Rhelmar, the elf. He will provide cover fire, raining arrows down upon your adversaries as you charge in to take them out with your melee combat.

Mathras, the lich.

Mathras, the undead.

Rounding out the cast of companions is an undead that is more ancient than the Ice Lords, Mathras. He has utilized the last several thousand years to perfect the art of swordsmanship, making him a powerful melee fighter. If that wasn’t enough, he also has the ability, like Edwen, to force an enemy to help you out for a short period of time.

In addition to providing backup, each of these companions will play an important part in the story, as each has his or her own reason for fighting at your side. As you adventure with them you will develop friendships, rivalries, and even romances, with your actions and decisions shaping the relationship you have with each.

Who would you rather have fighting at your side?


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