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Review | Roccat offers solid PC equipment for gamers

kone xtd

When PC gamers think of PC accessories, their thoughts normally go quickly to Razer, and for good reason.

For years, Razer has been the pinnacle of mice, keyboards and more for gamers.

Now, though, a strong contender has risen up with high-quality equipment. Roccat, while it’s product library isn’t as diverse as Razer, has plenty of great products to fulfill most gamer’s needs, often at the same price or cheaper than competing brands.

Below, I’ll give brief reviews of the Kone, Kave, Ryos and Apuri, as well as looks at the Power-Grid and Roccat Talk features.

Roccat Kone XTD

The Kone XTD features a sleek design and quite a few customization options, both in game and on the mouse itself.

The mouse comes with 576K of memory inside it to store macros and game profiles. In addition, there are eight buttons that can be programmed on it, and a scroll wheel that can be sped up or down, depending on your preference.

The mouse can also be weighed down with four 5-gram weights that can be added or removed depending on your feel. To give you extra functions to use, the Kone XTD features the Easy-Shift technology to let each mouse button and wheel have an extra function with a button press.

One of the best things about the Kone may be it’s current price. It’s a normal retail price of $89.99, but you can often find a good sale on it if you look hard enough.

Roccat Ryos MK Pro


The Ryos keyboard is a mechanical keyboard that gives solid feedback when striking the keys.

Like the Kone above, it features the Easy-Shift tech to give a secondary function to all keys on the keyboard. The memory in the keyboard can also store more than 500 macros.

The best thing I noticed about the keyboard over other keyboards was the lack of a delay. No matter how quick I had to hit buttons the keyboard never missed a stroke, which was great.

Also coming in handy for gamers are two UBS 2.0 ports on the keyboard, letting you plug in a mouse and headset up front instead of on the computer itself.

The keyboard also features some customization options with the CHERRY MX switch, changing the keys from blue, black, brown and red.

Overall, the Ryos feature a solid keyboard that will withstand the hardest key hitter for quite some time. The keyboard will set you back $185.99.

Roccat Kave XTD

kave xtdThe Kave headset features 5.1 digital surround sound, a built-in sound card and USB remote for easy control.

The remote features a Bluetooth pair to allow a phone to hook to the headset to switch between the game and calls. The headset also features a Smart Link to know when to mute game chat to answer a call and when to put you right back into the action.

The built-in sound card, normally found in higher-end models, makes sure that you get no interference from signals from the computer.

The headset fit snug to begin with, but eventually stretched out nicely around the ear. Unless you have large ears, you won’t have a problem with the Kave for long gaming sessions.

The Kave also has a solid microphone on it, delivering clear chat whether you’re in a party of two or a huge raid.

The price is also comparable to many other higher headsets out there, costing $169.99.

Roccat Apuri

roccat-apuriIf the three pieces above are needed for gaming, the Apuri is what ties them together. The hub features four USB ports for additional connections, which gives you +3 once you plug the Apuri into your computer.

The Apuri is mainly designed for desktops or computers that don’t move a lot, though. It has a mouse bungee so cords don’t get stuck when trying to aim around. However, it needs an AC power supply to power the extra USB ports.

If you find yourself not moving around a lot or needing extra USB ports, then you may want to check out the hub. It’ll set you back $39.99, and can be found here.

Roccat Talk

The Roccat Talk may be one of the more interesting features that the Kone XTD and Ryos, among other Roccat mice and keyboards, can use together.

The Talk feature can combine with the Easy-Shift to change groups of macros on both the mice and keyboard at once.

It also lets the keyboard fine-tune your mouse on the fly. With a touch of a programmed button, you can change your precision from an assault class to a sniper mode, saving you seconds from menus in game.

In addition, the Talk FX feature changes color on the keyboard and mouse to let you know when mana or health drops below a certain amount. An addition that the Ryos keyboard has is it lights up the keyboard depending on how many bullets you have left in the clip.

If you’re a gamer that loves macros or change your style of gameplay on the fly, the Talk feature is great to invest time into to fine tune your gaming style how you want it both with the mouse and keyboard.

Roccat Power-Grid

The final thing I want to discuss is a free mobile app, the Power Grid.

The grid, when downloaded by both the phone and PC, lets you control programs and games from your phone that can assist as well. For instance, download the Guild Wars 2 Insight for the phone and flip between menus on the phone to navigate quicker.

Meanwhile, the Counter-Strike Insight has macros that can give you quick-buy options and bomb timers on the fly.

Outside of the Inisghts, the grid can also show you how much is running on your computer, how hot it is, and give updates from Skype, Facebook and TeamSpeak.

Honestly, it’s pretty handy to keep nearby when trying to raid to easily keep in touch with guild members or bosses with an Insight.


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