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Gamebusters myth 25: Play the Master Hand in Super Smash Bros. Melee

Master Hand glitch: Myth or real?

Master Hand glitch: Myth or real?

Welcome, dear readers to another entry in our weekly Gamebusters series, where I track down video game myths and attempt to debunk them. Today we’ll be going to a Gamecube title for our myth, specifically Super Smash Bros. Melee.

For those unaware, there has long been a rumor that you could play the infamous Master Hand in Super Smash Bros. Melee.  The methods that you could utilize to do so varied, but one involved a name glitch. Interestingly enough, even though the rumor states that any player can become the Master Hand, only the slot three controller will actually be able to control it.

The rumor also states that Master Hand will appear with a damage percentage meter, just like any other character, but cannot be knocked out. The reason? Because it cannot take any knockback damage at all. Any options that affect knockback, including handicap and damage ratio, does not effect the mighty Hand, though he can be taken down in Stamina Mode.

Myth or fact? This week’s myth is actually fact. There are actually a couple of ways to utilize Master Hand, although it is also quite easy to freeze the game trying them. The first method works on all modes except Tournament mode, and requires you to have a controller in slot 3 (the game will freeze otherwise). You then utilize that controller to place the cursor over the name field on the character select screen and press A and B to enter name selection.

From here you continue holding B, but release A, and move down until you are over the name entry field. Press A over this field and, if performed correctly, the game will go to the stage selection screen (or the game, if Single Player), placing you in the role of Master Hand.

The second method only works in Melee mode and requires two controllers, with one in the third port (the second can be in any other port). You then have the other controller select a character and hover over the back button while the first controller (in the third port) goes to select a name and hovers over the new entry button. Hit A on both controllers at the same time and you should see the stage select screen for less than a second. Once the stage loads, player 3 will have control of Master Hand.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s myth. Happy gaming!


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