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Nintendo reveals new Mario Kart 8 features

Pink Gold Peach joins the race in  Mario Kart 8.

Pink Gold Peach joins the race in Mario Kart 8.

During the recent Nintendo Direct, the company revealed several new features for their upcoming racing title, Mario Kart 8.

In addition to allowing up to 12 players to race together in a total of four different multiplayer modes, they will be able to chat in the lobby area utilizing the Wii U GamePad’s microphone or text phrases. Players will be able to create tournaments, either public or private, and, as with previous games, race against ghost data from friends or the top 10 worldwide racers.

On the note of ghost racers, if you manage to defeat the development team’s ghosts you will receive some stamps for use in Miiverse posts.

Another feature they went on to detail was the Mario Kart TV feature. As they had previously announced, you will be able to watch your highlight racing reels, utilizing rewind and slow motion abilities, or even upload them to Miiverse. Because they can be uploaded to Miiverse, you will be able to watch (and comment on) the world’s most popular highlight reels. In addition, if you have Google accounts, you will be able to upload your reel directly to YouTube.

The game will also feature new items. One of these is the Super Horn, which can quite literally blow away all other items in the game. It will also blast away other drivers, making it quite a potent asset if you’re struggling to maintain your lead. Another item revealed is called the Crazy Eight. This will create a swirl of eight different items that you will be able to utilize one by one.

No Mario Kart announcement would be complete without mentioning the racers, and in the upcoming title we’ll have two new playable female racers to contend with. These are the heavyweight driver Pink Gold Peach, who glows with a golden light, thus making her a nice counterpart to Metal Mario, and Baby Rosalina, who has decided to join the other Baby characters.

Finally, you can, in tradition, opt to play as your very own Mii character. This makes the racing cast a total of 30 characters.

Best of luck on the track!


  • Ramon Aranda April 30, 2014 at 3:11 PM

    I want to play this game hella bad!

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