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access_time April 29, 2014 at 9:51 AM in Features by Robert Craciun

Top Three 2048 Versions Of The Week: 3D, Pokemon, -512

UndffEven though you probably didn’t get bored from the Doge version mentioned last week, I think it’s time we spice things up with one of my favorite versions and also two annoyingly (but addictive) difficult editions. Here they are:


3D: click here

This is a pretty odd one. It takes a while to get used to it as it’s pretty confusing. You have three major squares which represent layers of the cube – bottom, middle and top. Or so they say. “What cube?” you ask. I honestly don’t know, but it’s just a bit more difficult as you have like three 2048 boards that can interact with each other, and that’s enough for me.



Pokemon: click here

This is one of my favorites. This one’s for all of you Pokemon lovers out there. It doesn’t have any gameplay changes, just pokemon instead of numbers, but that’s more than enough. Try and join them all!



-512: click here

This is a tricky one. Besides its ordinary values, it also features negative numbers and the goal is not to get to 2048, but to -512 (as the title suggests). It may look easy, but trust me, this is the devil’s work. It’s gruesome, even though you get a larger board, you can’t join negative and positive numbers (like 8 with -8) so you’ll get stuck pretty often. Play at your own risk!



There you have it. If you get angry while playing the two difficult versions, just relax with the Pokemon one. I know I will.




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