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Preview | Minimum is mechs, guns, and gameplay

Minimum PR Screen EA 4

Minimum is a new type of MMO shooter, focused less on graphics and story, and more on gameplay it looks to be like a crazy mix of the Lego games and Minecraft with a little classic Counterstrike thrown in for good measure.  I had the opportunity to sit down and play a couple rounds in the game in a mode called Titans.

In this particular mode you play as an individual and between dodging the other teams bullets and swords, yes they have swords, you have to farm crystals to power up your Titan, which is a giant mech. The objective is to get have your Titan destroy three walls, and get to the other teams core. Your Titan and the other teams can be destroyed and the clashes when the two meet are pretty epic.

Minimum PR Screen EA 5

Focused more on upgrading and building weapons and to a certain extent farming in a action shooter MMO makes this game unique in a lot of ways. During my play time I discovered that killing players results in the dropping of blue crystals, you need to snatch these up as they bring your particular weapon to the next level, doing so results in essentially higher stats for said weapon along with some very cool added effects, like when playing with the sword you gain another one and as you level up they become on fire. At level 3 I was able to, start to deal damage to the titan itself, at level 5 I was carving chunks off that sucker like it was nobody’s business. The only problem is, the second you are killed and respawn you go back to plain level one weapon, so the focus is staying alive and staying mobile.


Overall I had a great time, I only got to play one mode the Titan mode, but I have been told there are several others, and with a focus on collecting weapon schematics to create a very custom weapon and to build essentially your own custom WMD. I am more than excited to hop on and play when it releases on Steam early access in the next week or two.


  • Ramon Aranda April 29, 2014 at 9:08 AM

    This looks very interesting. Will be on the lookout for it.

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