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access_time April 27, 2014 at 1:12 PM in Features by Dragos Dobre

Why Microsoft shouldn’t be focusing on Kinect at E3 2014


Since Xbox One was released, Microsoft hasn’t been in quite a good spot for almost five months now. It all started back at the official reveal of the console, which was a few days before last year’s E3 conference. There’s still a lot of controversy around Xbox One, and we can all notice that Microsoft is losing its edge against Sony and PlayStation 4. Why? Well, we’ll take a look today at what we consider to be the reason behind this.

Microsoft’s first mistake was introducing a new console in a way, and with some features that did not satisfy the public at all. They revealed the DRM, always-online and a few more other “features” that made gamers start wondering if their console is really worth it. Good thing is that they actually heard people’s complaints and fixed most of the mistakes, but gamers will never forget what happened.

The said problems are now fixed, and Microsoft is still not where they dreamed to be. In our humble opinion, after two generations of consoles and years of experience, Microsoft still doesn’t know what gamers truly want.

We love different genres, some of us focus more on graphics, others on story and so on. But the baseline is that all we want is high quality games, and if’s possible… at a low price. Well, with Xbox One, Microsoft redirected their focus on general entertainment. So, they tried to create a console that could replace any other device in our home… and they failed miserably.

Xbox One is capable of many things, but doesn’t excel in anything. Kinect is the center piece of their entertainment system, and it’s also the thing that seems to be dragging down both the console’s success and the company financial wellness. Xbox One was supposed to get both casual gamers (those who also watch TV shows on a daily basis, and enjoy silly Kinect-powered games) and hardcore gamers, but failed to attract any of the previously mentioned.

The console is focused way too much on Kinect. They surely try to make us use the device, even if we don’t like it. The only way to get the Xbox One right now is by buying the bundle with Kinect, and this requirement also made the price tag a bit higher than what it should have been. From the first version of Kinect, introduced a few years ago with the Xbox 360, gamers knew that this device is not for them, so developers haven’t even bothered to make games for it.

Then why Microsoft is still focusing on it? Getting back to today’s subject, we believe that if the company focuses this year’s E3 conference on Kinect they will more then likely fail, just like last year. They already tried the market, and did not succeed to get the casual gamers at all, so it’s time to try reaching to us, hardcore gamers.

In a world in which people dream for 1080p (resolution) and 60 FPS (frames-per-second) in games, why Microsoft thinks anyone cares about Kinect? The company’s last and only chance for redemption is to bring a Kinect-less Xbox One to the market. Not only that the overall price of the console will be reduced, but people will also be more tempted to try Xbox One without having to buy an unwanted device.

Focusing the E3 conference on Kinect, and showing once again only Kinect games, sports, and TV shows will not cut it for Microsoft. It’s time for gaming consoles to be GAMING consoles, and nothing more. We all want games, not redundant features.


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