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access_time April 25, 2014 at 1:32 PM in Features by Ramon Aranda

Will wearing Google Glass make you a douche?


So you just plunked down $1500 on a pair of Google Glass and you’re wondering if you just made a big mistake.  Well truth be told, Google Glass is a pretty amazing and unique piece of technology but the biggest issue thus far seems to be the reaction people are getting when going out and about with their new glasses.  Many journalists who have been able to test them out in the wild have reported many cases of being called a-holes and douchebags both to their faces or behind their backs (but loud enough to still hear it).

The question then is, can your successfully wear Google Glass and not get a negative reaction?  It’s somewhat understandable that seeing someone walking around with Google Glass can cause eye-rolls and negative connotations.  Having a pair means you have $1500 just laying around to drop on a piece of wearable technology.  It means you belong to a subgroup of people who either were fortunate enough to be selected originally by Google to try them our, or that you simply must have the most expensive pieces of consumer tech right out of the gates.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that mind you, as I personally love technology, but there’s a certain odor of arrogance that the general public seems to pick up on, even though it’s created not by the tech lovers themselves, but by those on the outside.

So if you have a Google Glass and you’re about to head out the door, here are some ideas of how not to look like a douche.


Don’t go to a bar – Seriously, if you’re going to go out for a drink, do not wear Google Glass at a bar.  With the capability to record, drunk patrons aren’t going to be too thrilled about the idea of someone being able to film them drinking. There was actually a tech report on a local news station that tested them out in public and one such test included going to a bar.  The results were not good. People wanted to punch the reporter in the face and even threw drinks in her direction. Not to mention that you will give off this “I’m greater than you” aroma.


Don’t use them at a restaurant – It’s one thing to have them on while you’re eating at a restaurant.  In fact, you might get some odd stares, but if you start talking to Google Glass and looking up in the air like someone who’s seeing ghosts, you’re probably going to get called out. “How about OK Google, shut your mouth!” (don’t be surprised to hear from someone sitting next to you).

Get some real glasses too – It’s not a bad idea to actually wear a pair of real sunglasses to minimize the appearance.  You’ll look like less of a dork if you have on actual glasses, and it’ll make Google Glass look like an extra add-on as opposed to the main accessory.

Take them off if using public transit – The last thing you want after unloading $1500 is someone ripping them off your face.  So if you are taking the bus, BART, the subway, or whatever means of public transportation your city offers, take off Google Glass.  You’re already going to look like a jackass looking around at people who are staring back at you wondering what the hell you’re doing.  But should someone get snappy and either take them off for you out of anger, or because they didn’t have the money to buy a pair themselves, it won’t be a good day.


Talk about Google Glass when asked only – People will be curious about what’s on your face, but the last thing you want to do is show off. Let folks come up to you and ask about it and don’t mention it otherwise.  If you’re with friends and they ask to try them on, let them.

Surely there are other ways to avoid coming off as a jerk when wearing Google Glass, but regardless of how you plan on using the tech, just be mindful that not everyone will feel comfortable around you especially if they don’t know you personally.  The idea of invasion of privacy is quite prevalent and you certainly don’t want to be imposing your cool new toy on unsuspecting people.


  • ubernaut April 25, 2014 at 6:17 PM

    all signs point to yes.

    • Ramon Aranda April 25, 2014 at 11:51 PM

      You just can’t look cool wearing one of these. As worse as it looks wearing Oculus Rift, at least you’ll be at home and not in public.

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