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Hover arrives on Kickstarter tomorrow

by on April 18, 2014
Hover Kickstarter begins tomorrow at 18:00 EST.

Hover Kickstarter begins tomorrow at 18:00 EST.

Fusty Game and Midgar Studio announced that their recently greenlit title, Hover: Revolt of Gamer, will be arriving on Kickstarter starting tomorrow, April 20, at 18:00 EST.

For those unaware, this game has been in development since October 2013. The title, being created by the three young independent developers of Fusty Game, has Hideki Naganuma (Jet Set Radio’s composer) in their corner, participating in the title. It is a futuristic 3D parkour game in an open world and features both single and multiplayer modes.

The game is described as, “Halfway between the crazy universe from Jet Set Radio, the intactivity of Mirror’s Edge, and inspired by movies like The 5th Element and Star Wars.” It places you in charge of a band of gamers who are revolting against oppression and the anti-video-game laws that rule the city.

Will the revolt be successful, or will the band of gamers be arrested?

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